Reading for Lelouch


This is the first reading request that I received. It was from a friend: she composed the question and sent it to me. Now, normally, I would reject the question, as it’s a “yes/no” question. But… well, I don’t see why tarot couldn’t answer yes/no questions, and anyway nothing says that I must just answer “yes” or “no”. In fact, I believe that this question hides a lot and deserves to be analysed better. I used the Night Sun Tarot, which is a little different than other decks in the way the cards are organized. Anyway:

Dear Iris,

Now that my sister is being protected by Suzaku, and that I overcame my doubts about the sense of my project, will the geass help me obtain what I want?


Hello, Lelouch, and thank you for requesting a reading from me. Your question seems very simple, but I think it lets on a little more than what you are saying, so I decided to throw a Celtic Cross for you. It is a bit long, but I hope it will help you.

Card 1: What covers you = The Moon Rx.
Card 2: What crosses you = The Star Rx.
Card 3: What’s under you = Knight of Cups Rx.
Card 4: What’s in your past = 9 of Wands Rx.
Card 5: What above you = King of Cups Rx.
Card 6: What’s in your future = 5 of Swords
Card 7: How you see yourself = Knight of Swords
Card 8: How the others see you = 3 of Wands Rx.
Card 9: An advice or a lesson you must learn = The Devil Rx.
Card 10: Outcome = 10 of Wands


First, I would like to talk about the general impression that I receive from this spread. I drew for you three Majors, one of which in in position 9 (Lessons to be learned) and the other two are in the first 2 positions, which represent the heart of the matter. I would say that you are in an important period of your life and that you are struggling with life-changing decisions.
There are also a lot of reversed cards, and this makes me think that not all is what it seems in your situation.

Let’s examine the first two cards: The Moon Rx crossed by the Star Rx. They represent, as I said, the heart ofthe matter, the crux of your question. They make me wonder if you know what you want, or at least if you really thought about your goal. The Moon Rx, especially, suggests that you think you overcame your doubts but there will be more uncertainties, more shadows in your life. Things are not what they seem and you still must face part of the problem. You are walking in darkness. The Star Rx crosses you, which could mean that you think your goal unattainable or that you lost all hope and are following a false goal. Both cards seem to point, I think, to the fact that there is more to your situation than meets the eye and that you also need to discover something else about yourself first.

Card number 3 represents what is at the base of your current behaviour or your current goal. Card number 5, what is above you, represents your conscious thoughts, what you *think* about the situation. Both positions are filled by a cup court card: the Knight and the King. They are both Reversed and they both indicate falsehood, deceit and fraud. There is someone, in your life, who is deceiving you or who you think is deceiving you. It is curious that they are both a cup male court card: I feel this means that they represent the same person. So, you know who this “false friend” is. But do not forget the message of the Moon/Star: maybe what you perceive as deception is not actually one, or maybe the person who is your enemy is not the one you are concentrating on. All these reversals could very well indicate setbacks, in this case caused by the misunderstandings suggested by the Moon/Star combination. The 9 of Wands Rx. in the past could also indicate a period of wait and unforeseen obstacles, or a period of isolation from the others. Could this be connected with the falsehood and deceitfulness pointed by the King/Knight of cups? Maybe you are over-cautions with people and in doing so are creating more obstacles for yourself.

But in the future you have the 5 of Swords, which is both a good and a bad news. It represents a change of point of view, a new direction, but also a crisis that must be overcome. I think you will see clearly what now is obscured, but I am afraid that the troubles are not over and you cannot yet relax. The goal you want to achieve will probably change, at least partially.

Card number 7 indicates the way you see yourself. The Knight of Swords is like a paladin of justice, who acts very swiftly to put his plans in motion. This card is contrasted by the 3 of Wands Rx, which represents how the others see you. They don’t have much faith in you or in your motives, and see you with suspicion. This echoes the theme of deceitfulness of the previous cards. You think someone is deceiving you, and the people around you think you are deceiving them. This atmosphere of mistrust cannot bring clarity and you are bound to make a lot of false steps. Be wary.

The Devil Rx, card number 9, is an advice, or a lesson to be learned. It warns against arrogance and illusions and suggests that you analyse the reasons behind your actions. It also warns against excesses of every kind. Do not act because you are obsessed by an idea or a person: try to coldly evaluate your motivations and decide upon a course of action.

Finally, the 10 of wands, in this deck, is a very positive card which shows success and external fulfilment. Coupled with the 5 of Swords, the card about your future, they answer your question. Yes, the geass will help you obtain your goal. But by then, you will have changed your mind and you will work to reach another, truer, goal. Both the 5 of Swords and the Moon suggest that it will not be an easy path, and the 10 of Wands, although it’s a positive card, suggests that it will be a heavy burden for you.

I hope that the reading helped you and I wish you good luck.


Notes: normally, I would comment how the card reflected the character, but since I know this would spoil the show (Code Geass, by the way) for my friend, I will not do it (by the way: thank you for requesting the reading ^^!). I do think the cards I drew were right on the question, especially the Moon, the Knight of Swords and the 5 of Swords.

I am a little unsatisfied of this reading, mainly because I couldn’t connect perfectly with the deck, so it felt very mechanical. It was the first time I used this deck, but it seemed the right one for the character. Maybe with a little more practice I will read better with it.

I hope you enjoyed it :). If you want to request a reading, just follow the instructions, it’s free!


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