Reading for Belle


Our first reading is for Belle, from the Beauty and the Beast, and with a very simple spread. It seems incredible, but I don’t find very comfortable with 3-cards spread – I usually prefer to throw a Celtic Cross. So, we start simple.

Dear Iris,
I live in a small village with my father, an inventor. The people here are nice and the life is not bad, but I yearn for more. I want adventure and love and I cannot believe that this provincial village is all that I will ever have.
Moreover, sometimes I feel lonely: no one understands my desire for adventure, not even Gaston, who says he is in love with me and wants to marry me. Will I ever find a kindred soul?


Hi, Belle, and thank you for your question. I decided to throw a simple spread for you, a three card spread, which will outline the problem you are facing and will suggest a way to overcome it. I chose to use the beautiful Shadowscape Tarot to honour your desire for magic and adventure: I hope you like it.
These are the cards I drew:


Situation/Problem: Queen of Cups
Advice: Two of cups Rx.
Possible Outcome: Four of Wands

The first thing I notice is that Two of Cups Rx as the advice. Are the cards suggesting that you throw away your desire for an understanding companion? But let’s start from the beginning.
The Queen of Cups in the first card, the one associated to the problem we are facing, is clearly you. This woman is imaginative, artistic, with a deep and rich inner world that she cannot ignore. This is the part of you which is now unsatisfied. Also, this card suggests that you have great sensibility and can see into the human nature more than the average person. This also makes you more sensible to the mockery of others, though, hence your present suffering.
The Two of Cups Rx makes more sense in this light: could you live your life with a man who doesn’t understand you at all? You will know if one is right for you, and you should reject all other propositions. One needs to know you in order to understand you. This card could also suggest that, if the situation requires it, you must leave the ones you love, even if it will be painful to do so.
But the outcome is beautiful: the 4 of Wands. It suggests success in your search for the right companion, a celebration and also a marriage.

So, I would say that, yes, you will find a kindred soul: you must stay strong and wait for someone who will understand your true nature. It will probably be a sensible man – I think so because two of the cards are cups cards and both seems to focus on emotional affinity. I like very much the 4 of Wands, which seems the perfect ending for a fairytale, a great “they lived happily ever after”. I wish you good luck.

I didn’t put it in the reading, but, since I already know Belle’s story, I noticed a couple of things. First, that Two of Cups. She not only must reject Gaston (the most obvious interpretation imho) and leave her father (and this is understandable, too). In the movie, she also has to accept to be a prisoner for life, which at first seems like the end of all her dreams, and then she must leave the Beast to go back to her father. She is constantly separated by the ones she loves and it seems that she must renounce her dreams of happiness. But, in the end, she gains a prince, a marriage and a house – all meanings (minus the Prince, maybe XD) conveyed by the four of Wands.

I also like to read the Shadow Card (the card that is at the back of the deck). In this case, it was the Page of Cups. It not only reinforces the message of the Queen of Cups, but also suggests the relationship between Belle and the Beast. The Page of Cups is often represented as a child talking to a fish and I often see it as being open and receptive to people and “strange beings”. He can understand the fish when no one else can, because he is more sensible and understanding. So is Belle toward the Beast and their relationship is monstrous for all the others.


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