Welcome to my blog about tarot.

I’m Iris, I love studying tarot and doing readings with them. I am still learning, and I hope this blog will help me improve while having fun.

I am a big fan of James Ricklef, and the idea for this blog was inspired by one of his books, Tarot Spreads Get the Whole Story (which I highly recommend, of course). In it, Ricklef presents many different spreads, each one with a detailed explanation, some variations and an example reading. For these example readings, he uses fictional and famous characters: he makes up a question for them and he answers it with the reading.

This is what I plan to do with this blog. I will find a fictional character (I do not like to read for famous people, for various reasons, so no real VIPs in my readings!), I will make up a question for them and I will (try to) answer it with a spread of my choosing.

The aim is, firstly, to have fun. Secondly, to become better at tarot. I tend to use small and simple spreads, because the bigger ones scare me a bit (except the Celtic Cross, which I am used to). With this blog, I want to try bigger spreads once in a while.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions if you want to, or to request a reading for a character or a question for them. As long as they are fictional characters, I will read for them, even if I do not know the story they are from (after all, it shouldn’t matter). Just tell me: the name of the character, the question they would ask me (phrase it as if they had asked it) and the title of the piece of fiction they are from (*after* I do the reading, I will probably be curios to know where the characters are from!). They can be from a book, from a videogame, from an anime, from a TV show… whatever you want.

That is all. Hope you like your stay =).


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